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Saturday, April 01, 2006


Last Friday I volunteered at the Relax & Knit stand at the Ugly-Ass-Cross-Stitch-Expo. It was good to meet so many knitters and realise I've been reading their blogs for ages!
I got the warm fuzzies from teaching someone purse stitch, seeing the enthusiasm for new and exciting yarns, and all of that good stuff.

Obviously, I shopped a little bit too. I was sooooo sensible. I took cash out the night before, and left my cards at home. I shopped so cannily, that I had enough money left to buy gourmet chocolates for the friends I was meeting later :)

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Yes, I'm going to give socks another go, once I finish a few of the current projects. This yarn is just the prettiest stuff ever, and I couldn't leave it alone.

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I bought a drop spindle a few weeks ago, and then HipKnits had this fantastic zine on their stall. It's incredibly down to earth, and has lots of useful stuff about vegetable dyes too. Yay!

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This is going to become a Tubey, I think.


At 5:25 am, Blogger scribe said...

Mmm, that pink/purple mixed color yarn is yummy. I am jealous of your shopping excursion!

At 7:48 pm, Anonymous Tasha said...

If socks are giving you trouble, have you tried this site?


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