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Sunday, April 09, 2006

What's my motivation?

Look what I've got! I've picked this book up at least 20 times this weekend, with project lust driving me crazy. I only have 2 knitting projects at the moment (well, and three 8x8 squares for a swap), so I think I can allow myself a crochet project too. I'm almost decided on which one too.
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This is what I've been knitting this weekend, the world's least inspiring project, but it was an order from a previously satisfied customer, and it's hard to turn down cash for a mindless ipod cosy.
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I'm not sure why this picture has turned out so hideously grainy, but this is my husband modelling my version of Skully from SnB. He's a great guy, and he didn't once bat an eyelide when I put his jumper aside to work on something more interesting. The yarn is from Texere, and has lovely multi-coloured slubs.
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At 11:12 am, Blogger Kelly said...


At least, it is until I figure it out... must try harder.

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