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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

All The Fun Of The Fair

All The Fun Of The Fair
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We're pretty lucky in London, with members of the knitting community opening shops here and there!

The latest to open is owned by the lovely Buzz, who I first met when she had a stall in Spitalfields on Fridays, and I used to raid her bargain basket on a regular basis.

Now she has a lovely shop in Kngly Court, just off Carnaby Street, filled with yarns, treats and associated goodies.

I showed great self-control, which is unusual for me. The yarn is Opal, but double-knitting which I hadn't seen before.

The pattern book is from the huge collection of vintage/retro at the front of the shop - I can't believe they're only 50p each.

The knitted doughnut is because I'd had a particularly bad week and it's the only kind of doughnut that will do for someone who can't eat wheat.


At 11:23 am, Blogger Nickerjac said...

Isn't it a fab shop :)


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