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Friday, April 27, 2007


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So, I disclocated my left knee yesterday on the way to work.

I'm fine, it popped right back in, but I've been ordered to rest.

To me, reating is all about knitted slippers, sock monkey pyjamas, Doris Day films and cracking on with my zigzag blanket.

Knitting has really fallen by the wayside lately, I'm all about the crochet. I may need to force myself to put the zigzag away later, as the other half's socks aren't going to knit themselves.


At 10:01 pm, Blogger Original Ting said...

Yes, shame about Foyles but at least I made a couple of sessions. See you this Saturday for KnitFlicks!

At 11:18 am, Blogger I Knit London said...

sorry to hear about your knee!

The blanket is AMAZING!


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