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Sunday, March 27, 2005

They made me do it

My boss is a bad influence. I had to call in sick on Thursday, and when I spoke to her, she told me about a yarn shop she'd discovered in Colchester.

This isn't exactly local to me, but I persuaded the husband to drive out there today "just for a look". Oh my.

The shop is called Franklins, and it is a cavernous place full of supplies for every kind of craft you could think of.

The yarn section is BIIIG, and stocks Rowan, Jaeger, Sirdar, Regia and lots of other stuff. They had more colours of Kidsilk Haze than I've ever seen in one place (but none of the pretty green).

Best of all, they have huge clearance bins *grins*

16 balls of yarn and 2 patterns later, I forced myself to leave, bu I'm sure we'll be back before too long.


At 6:26 pm, Anonymous Ivy said...

I saw your entry about Franklins in Colchester and I just had to write you to tell you that my husband and I think it's the best yarn shop we've ever seen. We've been to many yarn shops around Suffolk and to John Lewis in Oxford Street. Franklin's by far has the best selection. I've been knitting for two months- my hubby taught me. Before I took up knitting we used to go to Franklin's to stock up on Fimo and trimmings and feathers for crafts. We love it! Too bad we don't live closer- maybe it's just as well since if it were closer we'd spend even more dosh there.

At 8:11 am, Anonymous ally said...

How far is Franklins from central London? Can one get there reasonably without a car?

I saw the pretty green kid silk haze at Liberty when I was there last week. --I'm guessing you mean the grassy, acidic, near avocado-green color!

Your knitting blog is way cool.


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