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Monday, July 16, 2007

Yay! Boo! Yay!

lace socks
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Aren't these socks pretty? They're my first lace pair, but they very nearly ended up as a tangled knot of yarn in the bin.

The yarn was my first package from the I Knit Sock Club, and I was compelled to wind it immediately.
In the next hour, the following occurred:
- the skein got horribly knotted around my swift
- the yarn broke in 4 places
- my ball winder died

Once that was dealt with, I started to knit away merrily, following the sombrero lace pattern provided. About 20 rounds in, I noticed a problem. Pooling.
The white section was forming a horrible column. Luckily, wiser heads advised that changing the number of stitches would make a difference, so I switched from 64 stitches to 60, then decided that I'd go all-out on the lace.

The pattern is (loosely) Hedera from Knitty, and the seocnd sock was the quickest one I've ever done.


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