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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

cranford mitts

cranford mitts
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Yeah, the photo is blurry, but so's my head today.

There are projects that you think you'll enjoy making even if they don't quite work, and projects when you know that it'll be a slog, but the end result makes up for it.

These mitts are just perfect.

The pattern, from the talented Jane Lithgow, is easy to follow, and fun. I made the first one while pretending to watch rugby, then raced through the second in 2 sessions.

The yarn, from The Yarn Yard, is a delight to work with. What's not to love about organic merino? Oh, and it's incredibly good value too. For £5, I got enough yarn to make my mitts and another (super sekrit) project. There's still a little left too.

Coming soon, my silk woes...


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