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Saturday, November 24, 2007

When knitters gather

secret pals meet up
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In 2006, I signed up for SP8, and started receiving lovely packages from Stockholm.

Over time, it became clear that my pal, Catrin, and I had more in common than knitting, and a friendship developed.

Last week, the bloke and I were visiting Stockholm to celebrate my birthday, and our (belated) 10th anniversary. Of course, it was the perfect opportunity to meet Catrin who bought us tickets to see Sweden play Latvia.

Not only that, but she spent the day with us, and was an excellent guide to the secret yarn shops of the city. They're not really secret, but i'd failed to find any the previous day!

It was great fun, and we bonded over our love of obscure 90s drama and the fact that we both preferred John Taylor to Simon Le Bon.

Here's to continuing friendship, and This Life-loving, Freddie Ljundberg-admiring knitters who understand the importance of a sit down and a cup of tea.


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