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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

notting hill vest

notting hill vest
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Talk about a labour of love.

I started this in September, as I knew that the bloke would love it. Did I mention that my cabling experience was limited?

I struggled through the back, cast on the front, and abandoned it.

Just over a fortnight ago, I decide that the best way would be to pick it up and do a couple of rows at a time. No pressure, just half an hour here and there.

After an hour, I realised that the pattern really had stuck in my head, and I raced through it.

Hell, I even picked up the bands right away, much to the shock of everyone who knows my finishing-phobia.

I love it, the bloke loves it, and the woman who was staring on the bus seems to like it too.


At 6:13 am, Blogger stash haus said...

That is lovely! And isn't it satisfying to knit for someone who appreciates it?


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