Confessions of a skull-obsessed knitter

Friday, July 22, 2005

Once more

I really didn't expect to be making another one of these posts.

We're fine, but the fact that they tried to blow up a bus at the end of my street is seriously unsettling.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Thankfully fine

Ian and I were both in work before anything happened today.

My office is next to Guys Hospital, and the sirens didn't stop for hours.

Yes, this is terrifying for everyone, but you can't keep this city down for long.

Monday, July 04, 2005

Yes, I know, I don't post for weeks, then post 5 times in one day.
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However, I had to share the love of a sari silk jumper that I bought at Glastonbury for �10. After an afternoon's destruction, I was left with 950g of yarn and fibres everywhere. Before anyone calls it sacrilege, please be assured that I bought one to wear and one to frog.

Minor stash enhancement

Well, Liberty was supposed to be the sale of sales, but I was sadly unimpressed.
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The R2 Rag is going to be a vest for me, and i'm thinking i'll probably crochet a bag from the lovely pink Sparkle.
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This is destined to be a cardigan, or maybe a shrug if I get bored.
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An early start on the dreaded Christmas projects. I'm thinking a lace scarf for my oldest friend.

Don't tell my bank manager, but i'm off to Liberty again tomorrow, and John Lewis too.


Thanks Secret Pal, for sending me a lovely package of goodies from distant shores ;-)
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No publicity, please

I just went to the little family-run sandwich shop opposite my office. The younger brother has been away for a while, so I hadn't seen him in a few months.

When I walked in, he shouted "Here's my most famous customer, she's the star of Channel 4 News".

He then launched into 502 questions about Knitflicks, and refused to charge me for my lunch. Bizarre

It's a secret, pal

Rah! My first package got to it's recipient, and she loved it.

Rah! Had a card from my SP too.

I'm really liking the whole anonymus gift-giving thing :)