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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

zigzag blanket and the restorative power of craft.

zigzag blanket
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Last April, I started my first big crochet project, following a fab course.

I was feeling like change was imminent, and I felt pretty inevitable, so the thought of making a lap blanket wasn't too daunting.

The pattern was chosen to look like interference on a tv screen (and I was tired of seeing the gentle ripples all over blogland), and the colours were chosen to cater for the fact that we hadn't decided what colour to decorate the living room.

Not long after starting it, I injured my knee, so it was a good "stuck at home" project.

Then I found out that I was pregnant, and had cosy thoughts about the 3 of us snuggled under it.

When I lost the baby, I didn't stop working on the blanket. Crochet doesn't come easily to me, like knitting does, so the fact that I had to keep my mind focussed on a simple set of instructions was really helpful - it meant I couldn't think about anything else.

After my second miscarriage, the blanket got thrown aside, it felt full of bad luck. Also, my crochet mentor decided that she didn't want me in her life at all, making the project seem even more doomed.

This is what I've learned. Things change, and these changes are sometimes so hard that you think you can't get through them. It's fine to lick your wounds for a while, because the world will still be turning when you're feeling brave enough to face it again.

18 months after I started it, the blanket is complete. It's now going to be a pram blanket for the little one, who is due in January.

Looking over it, as I sewed in the ends (ugh), I realised that, despite the turmoil, it's incredibly neat and even.

Every stitch is a tribute to perserverance, and the people who made the journey with me.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Where my WIPs at?

Tis the season of not posting pics of finished items, in case their recipients go for a stroll around your Flickr account and see their gifts. Again. *sigh*

I am 2 pattern repeats and a toe away from finishing the last of the festive knitting, mainly because the family celebrations are happening in November this year (don't fancy driving up at 37 weeks etc), so my thoughts turned to clearing up the other projects.

Only, well, there aren't any.

The lace leaf feeding shawl needs to be blocked, but I need to wait until the decorating is done to do that.

The crochet blanket needs about 4 more (long) rows to be finished, and then the ends sewing in, but I can't remember where it is.

That's it though.

What's happening to me?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Executive decision

I'd budgetted for Ally Pally, because I'm smart like that.

Something niggled at me though, from behind the already huge stash.

I've always resented having to (essentially) pay to shop, so I thought I'd volunteer at the relax and knit area again. Hmmm, I said I'd do parts of days, and they put me down for full ones, so that put me off a little too.

Today, it became clear that my money could be better spent. Sod Ally Pally, the bloke and I are having an early anniversary night out to see Bill Bailey instead.

(Tickets aren't out until tomorrow, unless you register at