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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Cheery cherry

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Stupid phone company have screwed up, and I've had to miss knitting at Foyles because of it. My Tuesday morning therapy session is very important to me!

The yarn was dyed with Kool Aid (note: people who give this to their children AS A DRINK worry me), from a kit I bought ages ago.

The result was more patchy than I'd hoped, but eventually it'll become socks, even if they are the kind only to be worn under boots :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

All The Fun Of The Fair

All The Fun Of The Fair
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We're pretty lucky in London, with members of the knitting community opening shops here and there!

The latest to open is owned by the lovely Buzz, who I first met when she had a stall in Spitalfields on Fridays, and I used to raid her bargain basket on a regular basis.

Now she has a lovely shop in Kngly Court, just off Carnaby Street, filled with yarns, treats and associated goodies.

I showed great self-control, which is unusual for me. The yarn is Opal, but double-knitting which I hadn't seen before.

The pattern book is from the huge collection of vintage/retro at the front of the shop - I can't believe they're only 50p each.

The knitted doughnut is because I'd had a particularly bad week and it's the only kind of doughnut that will do for someone who can't eat wheat.