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Sunday, April 06, 2008

marrakesh pinwheel jacket

marrakesh pinwheel jacket
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You can tell by my deathly pallor that things haven't been going as well as we'd like in PP land of late. That's for another post though.

There's been very little knitting going on, as the hyperbolic crochet reef is taking up a whole lot of my crafting/travelling/spare time at the moment.

Luckily, this jacket was a complete no-brainer. I failed to take a pic of it the other way round, with a longer back and less foffiness of the collar.

Yarn is Sirdar Peru, purchased from the sales in Bristol last June for a mere £1.50 a ball.

Coming soon, Mr PP amazes me once again with his knitting prowess


At 11:48 am, Anonymous Howard said...

I so need to pull my finger out and finish the ugly nightmare that is my hyperbolic crochet thingy. It's reaching the point where I'll have to make the greasy bits happen.

At 4:13 pm, Blogger Probably Jane said...

Hope things start to look up for you soon.

That lovely red jacket is bund to give you a lift though - great work.


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